Applying a Service Lens to Support Primary Education Leadership

agppadev Research

The Australian Government Primary Principals Association (AGPPA) in its latest commissioned research piece identified the true complexity of delivering education in today’s post-pandemic society and provides a detailed description of the vast roles expected of Principals, the management capability they require to do their job and an analysis of tools that might help support them in their roles.  The findings are reaffirming of the awesome work primary school principals perform across the country and is set to inspire action towards supporting empowered school leadership.  Principals must be Instructional and organisational leadership and ensure they navigate their school communities in order for all students to leave their schools with the keys to help unlock their potential.    

AGPPA acknowledges the support of the Principals Australia Research Foundation, through which this project has come to fruition, and look forward to the release of this paper in full.

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