Mutual Recognition Amendment Bill 2021

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Media Release | 25th May 2021

The Australian Government Primary Principals Association welcomes the passing of the Mutual Recognition Amendment Bill 2021 by the Senate on 12 May and looks forward to the legislation becoming law, once passed again by the House of Representatives.

The Australian Government Primary Principals Association (AGPPA) is the national professional association for public primary school principals in Australia representing over 5300 principals in public primary schools in every corner of every state and territory.

AGPPA believes that the overarching purpose of the Mutual Recognition Act mobility of teachers, is critical to support and develop the capacity of the profession at all levels to achieve the successful delivery of Australia’s national school reform agenda. This would in turn support high quality school leadership and teaching and learning across Australian schools, as well as moving towards the goals identified in the Alice Springs (Mparntwe) Education Declaration, namely an education system that promotes excellence and equity, and supports all young Australians to become confident and creative individuals, successful lifelong learners, and active and informed members of the community.

Ian Anderson, President of AGPPA says, “Occupational mobility for teachers is critical to ensure that principals and teachers who wish to be registered in multiple states or wish to transfer to another state can do so with a minimum of fuss and having additional cost and paperwork to complete.”
“This would especially advantage those communities based close to state borders and will enable remote schools, in particular, to source teachers and principals from a much wider pool, something which is currently impacting these schools.”

The proposed changes should also support school leaders in reducing “red tape” in being able to cross check quickly to ensure appropriate teacher qualifications, WWCC etc have been undertaken and are current.

Ian Anderson, President AGPPA

Media Release | Mutual Recognition Amendment Bill 2021