AGPPA calls for a full and independent review of NAPLAN

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Media Release | 9th March 2018

The Australian Government Primary Principals Association (AGPPA), representing over 5200 government schools with primary students, calls on Federal and State Governments to commit to a full and independent review of NAPLAN, and the MySchool website, which have now been in place for a decade. This must include an analysis of the impact on students and schools.

AGPPA President Ian Anderson said “Schools use a range of measures to assess important abilities, knowledge and behaviours of students, well beyond the narrow focus of literacy and numeracy testing covered in NAPLAN. Decisions regarding school effectiveness, student performance and resourcing levels must be based much more broadly than on NAPLAN data. Schools also focus on the development of creativity, critical thinking, application of problem solving skills and personal attributes which are needed to develop active and informed future citizens of Australia.”

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