Media Release: AGPPA calls for greater understanding about the limitations of NAPLAN

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Media Release | 16th August 2016

AGPPA calls on the Federal Government to recognise the extraordinary work that schools and teachers do to continue to optimise student learning and outcomes. While we acknowledge that NAPLAN is one indicator of performance it only measure aspects of the total curriculum taught in schools.

Gabrielle Leigh President of AGPPA, Australian Government Primary Principals Association emphasizes “ Not everything we do in schools is measurable by NAPLAN. Jurisdictions and schools use a variety of evidence based measures to provide feedback to students, families and educators. These measures ensure that teachers know their students well. NAPLAN rarely provides information to teachers that is not already known.”

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She stated that, “When we take a holistic view of how students are performing, schools use a range of qualitative evidence to measure important skills, strategies and behaviours of students wider than the narrow focus of literacy and numeracy in NAPLAN. Schools also focus on the development of creativity, critical thinking, application of problem solving skills and personal attributes which are needed to develop a future workforce.”

AGPPA cautions that increased funding does not translate to instant increases in student outcomes. It calls on Government to allow time to monitor how increased funding levels take effect.

AGPPA will seek a meeting with Minister Birmingham to further clarify the Government’s commitment to continued and increased Federal funding allocated based on student learning needs.

“We applaud the gains made in those States and Territories where increased federal funding has been distributed entirely to schools and students. Not all State and Territory jurisdictions distribute all the Federal funding allocated directly to schools. The Australian Government Primary Principals Association urges all jurisdictions to honour the intent of this funding,” said Ms Leigh.