AGPPA Service Award

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Recently the Australian Government Primary Principals Association established a recognition process for past members who have contributed significantly in the life of AGPPA

We would like to congratulate all our well deserving former members of the AGPPA Council (listed below) who were presented with this award of Recognition of Service:

  •     Ian Anderson (WAPPA)
  •     Liz Bobos (ACTPA)
  •     Brittany Roestenburg (NTPA)
  •     Phil Seymor (NSWPPA)
  •     Anne-Marie Kliman (VPA)
  •     Rob Banfield (TPA)
  •     Michele Cody(ANTSEL)
  •     Marcus Dixon (ANTSEL)
  •     Chris Hamilton (ACTPA)
  •     Tony McGruther (QASSP)
  •     Colin Pettit (WAPPA)
  •     Steve Portlock (SAPPA)
  •     Leonie Trimper (SAPPA)
  •     Mike Woods (TPA)
  •     Norm Hart (APPA)
  •     Barry Griffin (ANTSEL)
  •     Dennis Yarrington (ACT)
  •     John McMillan (NSWPPA)
  •     Stephen Breen (WAPPA)
  •     Gabrielle Leigh (VPA)
  •     Jackie Malecki (NSWPPA)
  •     Michael Fay (QASSP)
  •     Pam Kent (SAPPA)
  •     Geoff Scott (NSWPPA)

It is fantastic to celebrate their contribution to government education and supporting leadership within Government schools.

Awards Night | Canberra | 16 May 2022