Media Release: Gonski Funding – November 2013

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Australian Government Primary Principals Dismayed at Coalition View on Gonski Funding

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Disadvantaged students will pay the price if the Coalition reneges on Gonski funding promises, say government primary principals across Australia.

The Australian Government Primary Principals Association (AGPPA), representing over 5400 principals, is deeply concerned with recent reports suggesting that the proposed school funding dollars based on Gonski are now at risk.

“Australian primary government principals are dismayed at the Coalition’s alleged desertion of the new school funding model aimed at providing immeasurable benefit to Australia’s most disadvantaged students and much needed resourced to an under-funded education system.

“It is imperative that the Government honour its pre-election commitment by immediately distributing Gonski funding to schools and ensuring the neediest children receive the educational support they deserve,” said AGPPA President, Gabrielle Leigh.

The Coalition originally pledged four years of school funding based on recommendations from the Gonski review, but have recently announced they may abandon the model.

“A ‘return to the drawing board’ does not make sense as much research has been invested into creating a fairer funding model across Australia.

“It’s the students in need who will fall victim to the Coalition’s proposed change of direction and Australian government primary school educators are not happy,” concluded Ms Leigh.