Media Release: AGPPA Supports Gonski – May 2012

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The Australian Government Primary Principals Association, AGPPA, representing over 5300 government schools principals around Australia, met recently in Canberra.  

AGPPA strongly supports the model proposed by David Gonski and believes that Australia needs a single per capita funding model with needs based loading. AGPPA has accepted the challenge by David Gonski to continue the education debate about the Schooling Resource Standard.

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“The formative years of primary schooling where all Australian children acquire the academic and social foundations for success in later life should be acknowledged by the model”, said AGPPA President, Gabrielle Leigh.

The new model requires an appropriate investment to challenge the out-dated, historically scripted models of resource allocation currently in place.

“If Australian students are to become the best in the world then an investment in the primary years is essential”, said Ms Leigh.  

AGPPA further recommends that the Early Years of schooling should be acknowledged with a loading on top of the base allocation for all students.

AGPPA calls for policy makers to consider the same Base Recurrent Funding Allocation is set for all students regardless of year level (Foundation to Year 12).

“AGPPA strongly supports an early education loading of an additional 20% for all Foundation to 2 students. We need to intervene early and create an effective base for all students in their future learning”, said Ms Leigh.