AGPPA welcomes new Federal Labor Government

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Media Release | 24th May 2022

The Australian Government Primary Principals Association (AGPPA) is looking forward to working with Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and the new Labor Government.

AGPPA represents over 1.2 million students and 5300 government primary school leaders across Australia, and we call on the new government to ensure that all Australian government students receive their 100% of the Student Resource Standard (SRS).

The Gonski Report in 2012 identified over 2 decades of underfunding in government schools. Since that time government primary public students have been underfunded based on the minimum standard identified by Gonski.

We look to the Albanese Government to prioritise investment in public education as a critical lever in delivering long term economic growth.

Primary Principals play a pivotal role in the leadership of schools in leading and building communities and fulfilling the aspirations of the nation.

AGPPA President, Pat Murphy said, “Our association congratulates the new Labor Government and welcomes the opportunity to work with them in shaping the educational foundation of Australia.”

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Media Release | AGPPA welcomes new Federal Labor Government