Media Release: Uneven Playing Field: The State of Australian Schools (15 June 2016)

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Report by Chris Bonnor and Bernie Shepherd Report (CPD)

The Australian Government Primary Principals Association (AGPPA), the national body for primary principals in government schools endorses the recent Chris Bonnor and Bernie Shepherd report as valuable and informative research, highlighting that Australia is falling behind on the issues of equity and excellence in our schools system.

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Examining key data from the My School website the report, The Uneven Playing Field: The State of Australian Schools, released nationally on 1 June supports AGPPA’s position on the need for Gonski Funding in years 5 and 6 to be implemented in full. AGPPA President Gabrielle Leigh said, “The findings are vital and the recommendations are a positive first step in renewing reform and balance in the school system”.

AGPPA is calling on Government to initiate a constructive dialogue with stakeholders in the sector to revitalise commitment to Gonski reforms.

AGPPA believes the recommendations provided by the Gonski funding model provide a fair and visionary approach to supporting students, regardless of their circumstances, to achieve to their potential. AGPPA is committed to a fully resourced, needs based funding model which helps our most disadvantaged students.

Ms Leigh said, “Gonski provides a once in a generation opportunity to make a difference for all learners, particularly primary students, that cannot afford to be missed.” The Centre for Policy Development report shows that the gap between advantaged and disadvantaged student outcomes is widening. Now is the time to invest in sector-blind and equitable resourcing enabling schools to provide the best possible learning opportunities.

AGPPA is committed to this important issue and recently commissioned Emeritus Professor Alan Reid from the University of South Australia to conduct a valuable research paper titled, Building Our Nation Through Public Education. The findings are currently being promoted in every capital city around Australia and reinforce the widespread belief that a needs-based funding approach is a smart way to strengthen our nation.