Media Release: Australian Government Primary Principals Fight For Public Education (5 May 2016)

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The Australian Government Primary Principals Association (AGPPA) is launching the research paper titled Building Our Nation Through Public Education in Melbourne on Friday 6 May, 2016. AGPPA is launching the important paper in every Australian capital city within the next few months.

The research paper, written by Emeritus Professor Alan Reid from the University of South Australia, describes:
•    Australia’s inequitable schooling system and explains how this has happened
•    The consequences of having inadequate resources for children in need, the majority of whom are in public schools
•    The need for Australia to support, nurture and strengthen our public schools and to celebrate the contribution they make for the common good.

5,300 primary schools leaders across all states and territories, strongly support the research paper and believe a thriving public education system is essential to promote economic prosperity and strengthen the fabric of Australian society.

AGPPA President Gabrielle Leigh, said this view is reflected amongst the wider Australian community who understand that a needs-based funding approach is a smart way to strengthen our nation.

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