Media Release: Choosing Support Staff – September 2014

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Schools demand the right to choose the type of support staff best suited to their context

The Australian Government Primary Principals Association (AGPPA) implores the Federal Government to grant schools the capacity to choose the support personnel their community needs, amidst a high court ruling barring the employment of welfare workers.

AGPPA President Gabrielle Leigh said that Australian primary schools have welcomed the choice to hire either a chaplain or welfare worker under the National School Chaplaincy (NSC) and Student Welfare Program (SWP).

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Following the High Court ruling and the transfer of funds to states and territories, the capacity to employ welfare workers has been terminated.

“We urge the Federal Minister to reinstate schools’ right to choose the type of support staff best suited to their local community – be it either a chaplain or welfare worker. Australian Primary Schools should be entrusted with the capacity to make the decisions that will best serve their students and families.”

AGPPA, representing over 5000 government primary school leaders across all States and Territories of Australia, met in Canberra this week to discuss how recent changes to the chaplaincy program would affect local communities.