AGPPA calls for a Bi-partisan Approach – February 2013

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Media Release: AGPPA calls for a Bi-partisan Approach to Education

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The Australian Government Primary Principals Association, AGPPA, representing over 5400 government school principals around Australia, met recently in Melbourne.  

Representatives from all States and Territories met to discuss developments across the nation in curriculum and school organisational structures, support for school leaders and initiatives for school improvement.

It was resolved that AGPPA communicate to all its 5400 schools that the association has major concerns with education direction.

‘Principals are sick of the politicizing of our public education system and the on-going blame shifting between the major political parties’ says AGPPA president Gabrielle Leigh. ‘Instead of providing a long term strategic platform for system and school improvement, continual changes in school organisational structures and bureaucratic accountability arrangements by governments and territories, are in fact having a negative impact on student outcomes and leading to a lowering of school staff morale.’

Representatives at the AGPPA National Executive meeting were unanimous in voicing concerns that that many of the recent changes are politically motivated and lack any evidence of education or change management research.

Gabrielle Leigh, AGPPA President, said that the electoral cycles around Australia destabilize public schools. Each electoral cycle heralds a new round of major organisational change and reform for the jurisdictions. Reform for reform’s sake! ‘We want long term bi-partisan planning that transcends political parties and electoral interference, and recognises the importance of effective education for Australia’s future,’ she said.     

The AGPPA National Executive calls on governments around Australia to engage with the profession in collaborative long term planning and implementation of the programs that will make a real difference for our students today and into the future.