Media Release: Calls for a Compulsory ‘Foundation’ Starting Age Across Australia – May 2012

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The Australian Government Primary Principals Association, AGPPA, representing over 5300 government schools principals around Australia, met this week in Brisbane.  

AGPPA seeks to address the problem of the conflicting titles used for the year of schooling prior to Year 1 across Australia.  

“We would like consistency in the terminology so we can compare apples with apples,” said AGPPA President, Gabrielle Leigh.

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The Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority, ACARA, responsible for developing the Australian Curriculum, has called the year of schooling prior to Year 1, ‘Foundation’.

AGPPA urgently calls for a common sense and consistent approach across Australia.

“The first common year of full time schooling, the year before Year 1, should be called ‘Foundation’ in all states and jurisdictions,” said Ms Leigh.

Additionally, AGPPA is also urging the Federal Government to introduce a compulsory starting age of this ‘Foundation’ year across Australian primary schools.

“AGPPA supports the introduction of a common school starting age that allows students to access the Australian curriculum on equitable grounds,” Ms Leigh said.

“Primary education years in Australia set the foundation for learning. They are critical to the social, emotional, and economic wellbeing of each individual. Therefore, it is crucial that there is not only a consistent title of the first year of schooling across the nation, but also a common age that our youngest students begin their first year of school.”

“It is vital that the Federal government implements these measures to achieve uniformity for Australian primary students accessing quality education,” Ms Leigh said.